My Story

My adventure with mountains started about 1997. I was at the time 8. My father and uncle took me to the High Tatra mountains. That was my first time in serious mountainous terrain. This is where the story began. I have been walking a lot in many mountain areas in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia over the years. Then I became interested in winter walking. Shortly after that, I took a winter course in High Tatra. And I bought my first ice axe and crampons. Afterwards I started walking all year round.
When I moved to England I started looking for the mountain areas. I was very pleasantly surprised because I did not even realize how many mountains we have here. I started exploring them one by one.
Afterwards I came across an article about Mountain Leader award. At this moment, I knew exactly that I going to try to achieve this.


After a long time of preparation and strenuous work, I have become a fully qualified Mountain Leader. Probably you are wondering what a ”Mountain Leader" really does. So, a Mountain Leader in the UK is a kind of mountain guide. In other words, someone who walks in the mountains with clients.
After gaining experience and completing specialized training in the mountains, I took a specialized exam to become an accredited Mountain Leader. The exam lasted five days and assessors checked that I meet all the requirements for the safely leading a group of people in mountainous terrain. I passed and received government accreditation which allows me to take people across mountains in the UK and Ireland.

But hold on, you might be thinking. Do we have mountains in the UK? I hear this question quite often. Some people have heard a little bit about them. Some people, nothing at all. Generally, in the UK there are 15 national parks. Most of them are situated in mountainous areas, mainly in central and north-west England, northern and southern Wales, and also we have large areas in Scotland and Northern Ireland.